moving out & on


You know what that is? Ok, that’s easy. It’s a mechanical toy, a koi, in an empty bookshelf. But do you know what that means? Well, let me tell you. Not too difficult either:

I’m moving. Again! And just like last time, I’m moving out now, depostiting all my stuff at my brother’s over the summer and will move into my new flat in the middle of September. There are a couple of reasons for that, but I won’t bore you with the details. And I don’t really have time for that now anyway: I’m packing, as well as trying to sell my closet and find my camera, sewing for relatives (post coming up), interning at the Austrian television and, most importantly, trying to get enough sleep.

I know I haven’t posted anything about the Hungrarian Grand Prix yet (where’s the time?), but have scheduled a couple of ‘easy’ posts for this and the next week. Please don’t loose your faith in me, I’m just trying to stay sane and not loose everything in this chaos. I seriously can’t wait for Saturday (I have to have all my things out of this flat by then) and for the real holidays – the internship ends this Friday. Some very relaxed weeks in Salzburg are ahead of me and I’m very looking foreward to them. But for now, back to packing.


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