Some Favourites

I know that I said I wouldn’t post promotional pictures of Integrity Toys dolls anymore. But in the last couple of months, IT released some new collections and some dolls are seriously gorgeous and worth sharing. I might do this update a couple of times a year, just sharing my recent favourites. My own Fashion Royalties are back in their boxes now and will have to stay there until September… I miss randomly playing with them already!

My absolute favourite of them all is definitely “Voltage” Erin S. She’s from the new Nu.Face collection – the whole set of 5 is beautiful, but she is the best of them all. Her clothes, her accessoires, the hair colour and of course her face – amazing! I had absolutely zero chance of getting her, she was sold out immediately (2 hours later was way too late). Let’s see if I can still get her second hand, but I doubt that – at least not for a reasonable prize, as she seems to be quite popular!




“Polarity” Nadja R. is another Nu.Face and second on my list. While the clothes are alright (the skirt…hmmm), her face is absolutely stunning. I will definitely try to get her second hand, I hope she won’t be as popular as Erin!




Another one that I really like is “Super Natural” Anais McKnight, an FR16. She has the same sculpt my Adriana has, but her attitude is totally different: She looks so subtle, elegant, soft… Very beautiful. I’m still thinking about repainting Adriana and I might go into this direction with her.

super natural1

super natura

And now for the Poppies! Wonderfully 60ies this time. I actually think that the 60ies suit her much better than the 50ies (her ‘original’ decade). “Go See!” is easily my favourite of them all, it’s just so fun and young and fresh. I could do without the curl, though.

go see

go see1

I decided to add another Poppy to the list to have 5 favourites (the FR didn’t completely convince me). So here is “Out of this World”: Very interesting and special. The clothes are maybe a tad too much, but I’m surprised that I actually like her really cold colour palette. Silver smokey eyes? Yes please!

out of this world1

out of this world

(All pictures on this post are the property of Integrity Toys Inc.!)



2 thoughts on “Some Favourites

  1. Taswegian1957 says:

    These are all lovely dolls. I think I like the first one best too. I like her face and I love her outfit. The second one I like too but agree with you that skirt is just not quite right, she looks like she’s wearing her kid sister’s skirt. I like the Poppies too, the sixties look is a lot of fun.

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