Visual Presentation


I just completed my internship at the Austrian Television!

In order to make the diploma, every student in my school has to work at least 160 hours in a fashion-related business: It could be in a shop, in a dressmaking workshop, in the atelier of a designer, at a fashion magazine… Actually, I already completed my hours with the LifeBall and the Song Contest, but I already had signed up for this internship and I thought, why not? As my sister works at the ORF (Österreichischer RundFunk), choosing this company was a no-brainer for me – I have a feeling that it always works this way… you just need to know the right people!

My main job was to sew laundry bags and then sorting all the clothes for the annual sale: So many new clothes are bought each year, that the archive is simply too small for it and a lot has to go. So we (there was a second intern from another fashion school) went through all the wardrobes and the archive and sorted through tons of clothes – suits, jackets, trousers, skirts, dresses, blouses, shirts, sweaters, ties… Even children’s clothes were among it. Also, we had to add a price tag to each item – We didn’t count, but now two rooms are filled with racks, one for men and the other one for women. Each rack has a different category (well, we needed 7 for all the suits alone) and then they are divided by size. We thought it would take us forever, but actually, we were finished in a week!

We didn’t have much to do the rest of the time. We inventoried a bit, altered some garments, moved the archive into the cellar, helped choosing the clothes for the moderators, watched some news broadcasts live, ironed shirts… We did all the little things someone else would have to do sooner or later. But it was fun! We also got a tour through the full house, with all the studios and the props departement, which is huge.

I really had a good time there. The people were very nice, the tasks not really hard and the whole amtmosphere was very relaxed. But honestly: I’m really happy that it is over, because now I can enjoy the real holidays!







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