Today is the first Grand Prix after the summer break – in Spa, Belgium. But I won’t be ‘covering’ it – I decided to stop and not continue with my Formula 1 challenge.

There are many reasons for this: I don’t feel that inspired anymore, I won’t have a lot of time once the new semester starts, I miss the spontaneity with which I always created the clothes for the dolls. And I miss my smaller ones! There is only so much of my spare time I can use for making something for the dolls and this project takes up all of this time.

Really, I am sorry. I had such high hopes for this challenge and I hardly fulfilled them. I wanted to create full outfits, shoes and bags and jewellery and all, but instead I always barely finished one piece of clothing on time. Part of it was a lack of time (= bad planning) and the other part was the limit of my skills/lack of patience.

So, this challenge sadly ends today. I definitely had my fun imagining and sewing the outfits, but it ended up being too much for me. I still learned a lot during the whole process, one thing in particular: Planning is key, especially when you know you won’t always have as much time as you do right now. I’m really relieved now, and I’m looking forward to some more spontaneous sewing in the future. Never bite off more than you can chew!


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