Cocktail at the Lake


You know what? I love my stash. When I packed everything for the move, I went through my fabric stash and found some long forgotton pieces – like this Ikea fabric. It was the first fabric I bought specifically for a project – a circle skirt. I think this was also the first wearable item I made for myself. I even added self-made turquoise piping to the waistaband! I think I need to photograph it one day..

But back to the dress. I had this remnant and wasn’t sure what to do with it. The print is rather big and clustered – there are very colourful sections next to rather light and fine ones. (But isn’t this print fun? Lobsters, flowers, humingbirds, drinks, friuts, fish …. everything mixed togehter like in a crazy summer cocktail. And then the colours! Oh man, I just love it, it makes me smile every time I see it!)

As the heat grew, my ideas got simpler, until I thought: basic shift dress with no fuss – and no closures! I used my bodice block, eliminated the waist darts (simply didn’t sew them), and cut a curved hem, like you see it on men’s shirts. I added a little yoke in the back for interestingness as well. I didn’t bother with facings or bias tape and simply made baby-hems at the neck and armholes. It took me… maybe an hour from start to finish? I didn’t look at the time but it was an incredibly fast project. Instant gratification. Perfect for hot summerdays.

Sidenote: All pictures in this post were taken by my sister, thanks a lot!








2 thoughts on “Cocktail at the Lake

  1. Amy-June says:

    This is super cute! Love the print! Ikea really have some quite sweet fabrics but I’d never turned them in to clothing before … now I’m tempted to go have a peruse ;-)

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