Autumn Inspiration

Autumn is in full swing and I thought I’d share some of my sewing inspiration with you. This season is always a bit difficult for me, I’m not sure wether I love it or hate it. It’s the bittersweet ending of summer and always connected with the beginning of school/uni. It’s often very cold in the mornings (jackets required), but hot at noon – I never know what to wear. It’s a time of transition, of change…. I definitely prefer winter, when everything seems to have settled down a bit, or spring, which always feels like a fresh start.

But back to my sewing inspiration! I started with the colours and actually returned to the ones I chose for the Wardrobe Architect last year. (You can see them here.) I modified them a bit, and they are: rusty red, dark red, teal, and a forest green.

For me, Autumn is always the season of hiking and of enjoying the outdoors before it gets too cold. Soaking up the last rays of sunlight, walking through a thick carpet of colourful leaves… The pictures above represent my feelings toward this season as well as the colours I chose. I especially love the photos of rust underneath turqoise paint. (All the pictures were taken from Pinterest, by the way, I do not have original links for you, sorry.)

As far as actual sewing inspiration goes… well, I have already made quite a few pieces during the summer that fit into the concept and I plan on showing you them in the next couple of weeks. There are still some garments that I’d like to make before I start with the winter wardrobe (already planning it, actually).

I made a lot of seperates, so I could mix and match the different pieces, as well as a very special dress, which I will show you next week. Two garments are (very) wearable muslins for future projects – one will involve Liberty fabric, so I chose to be careful! I won’t say more for now, just wait for future posts!

I hope you’ll have a lovely weekend!


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