Oh, finally! Finally I can show you some pictures of the Dirndl I made in school, in addition to my mother’s, which I made in less than 5 days, from measuring to hemming.


So the Dirndls I made are mine and my mother’s. My sister is wearing one with Schladming’s colours, originally custom made for my mother. But more about that one later. Let’s start with my mother’s Dirndl!

As soon as I told her that I was going to make a Dirndl in school, my mother was beyond excited (we even went fabric shopping together and she helped me picking my fabrics – I would have been lost with options otherwise). We decided that once I was finished with mine, I would make her a custom Dirndl during the summer holidays. Well, I worked in July and returned to Salzburg in August – only to go on vacation to Graz and visit Budapest. I had little time making the Dirndl and got even more nervous once my parents announced we would spent the last couple of free days in Grundlsee – now I was in a real hurry.

So I measured her, made a bodice block and turned that into a Dirndl bodice, with princess seams in the back and two bust darts in the front. After two muslins, we were happy with the fit and I was ready to cut into the real fabric. Despite some problems with the gathering of the skirt (all by hand, as well as the apron), everything went fine. I was seriously afraid of making the buttonholes – they could ruin everything! I also didn’t really trust my sister’s Ikea sewing machine, but she worked like a charm – I sewed so much on her during the holidays, inculding this Dirndl from start to finish. I finished it in the last minute, I hemmed the skirt on the train to Grundlsee. But I did it and I’m so proud of it.

Dirndl close-up

As any sewist can see, there still are some slight fit issues – the bodice is a tad too loose, I could have made it tighter. But my mother convinced me that she prefers it that way. I also attached the skirt below her actual waist, because she felt uncomfortable otherwise (she never wears anything tight-fitting or high-waisted). It’s not perfect, but I’m still proud of it – and she likes it, which is the most important thing, in my opinion.


Now some details about my Dirndl. As I said, I made it in school – we could decide wether we wanted to make an evening gown or a Dirndl and I chose the later. I bought all my fabrics in Salzburg – originally, I wanted something with blue, but I changed my mind once I saw all the options. I went for a dark red/green combination, which is unusual for me, but looks very traditional and classic, which I like.

The bodice has princess seams in the front and back an closes with a row of mother-of-pearl buttons. There is green piping along the neckline and armholes (there always is piping on a Dirndl, it helps with the fitting) and it is fully lined – plus it’s underlined as well, which, in retrospect, was a bad decision: It’s very thick now, there are just too many layers. But I did what my teacher told me and this is the result… I omitted the underlining on my mother’s Dirndl and I will continue to do that on future Dirndls. The skirt is gathered by hand, the apron by machine, which gives it a puffier look – in comparison to my mother’s.


Slight change of scenes.. trying to attract the cow’s attention :)


Doesn’t seem to work, though.


And a last one, from the side/back. The wind blowed the full skirt up, it looks like… well, it looks kind of funny :)


I’m actually not 100% happy with my Dirndl, especially the neckline – it’s way too high. I plan to change it and will show you the modified version once it’s finished (other projects have priority now, though). And again, slight fitting issues – the bodice is veeery tight, but that could also come from me eating too much during the holidays…

Anyway, I plan to make more Dirndls, especially once I saw how my mother’s turned out and how fast I was – mine took ages to make. I plan on incooperating embroidered velvet (similar to these) in at least one, and to recreate a Schladminger Dirndl, which is one of my favourites (my sister is wearing one, but unfortunately it doesn’t fit me, so I’ll have to make one myself – but with the exact same fabric for the bodice, please).

I hope you’ll have a lovely week and I’ll be back soon with more pictures of our vacation in Grundlsee – Austria overload these days on the blog! :)


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