I think I might have lost my heart to this city. I loved London, I love Paris, but Milan… maybe my biggest love-affair yet. Italy is my favourite country and so it is only natural that I’m completely smitten by its northern capital.

The whole city is so incredibly photogenic and very diverse. There are ancient roman constructions. There are baroque churches. There are the typical turn-of-the-century buildings you will find in any major European city. And there are the beautiful narrow streets, very italian, with cobblestones, planted balconys, terracotta walls…. It’s so diverse, very elgant and extremely charming. And the people! So stylish, especially older men… Always in a suit (blue is a favourite), not matter if they are riding a bike or sitting in a café, enjoying some cappuccino.

Which brings me to another point – the food! Oh man, I could have eaten the whole day. Focaccias were my favourite, but let’s not forget about the thin-crusted pizzas and the deliciously filled croissants (cornettos). And of course, cappuccino. Normally, I’d prefer tea to coffee, but I simply could not resist – I drank so much coffee and every single time it was delicious: rich, creamy, velvety and not too bitter. And always cheap! I was surprised by how little it cost, no comparison to the prices (and of course the quality) here in Austria!

But back to the main reason I went to Milan in the first place: I went with my class, to visit the Milano Unica, a fabric tradesshow. The idea was that we could order fabrics for our graduate collection… Well, I know exactly three people who ordered something. The problem is that the sellers look for permanent customers, who will buy a large amount of fabric and not just the occasional 5 meters. But it was really inspiring, visiting the booths, touching the fabrics, flipping through catalogues…. The fabrics shown were all for winter 2016/17. According to the MU, there are going to be four main trends next year: Arctic Tale, Folk Land, Graphic Wave and Play Room. I could write more about that, like keywords, colour suggestions and the story behind each theme, but this post is extremely long without it already, so maybe another time. Sadly, we weren’t allowed to take any pictures, so there’s nothing I can show you now (not sure if explaining the trends would be allowed, either).

I also payed the Expo a visit – I went there in the evening because the admission fee was cheaper. So I had ca. 4 hours to see the whole thing and I figured that would be enough. Ha! No, not really. It was enough to get a general impression and to get into some pavillions, but the whole area is huge and I would have needed the whole day (if not two) to experience it all properly. Nevertheless, I can say that I really loved the Austrian pavillion, because it was a little different from the others: There was a recreated forest, with little streams, tall trees and fog lingering between the bushes. The theme was our good air, courtesy of the many woods we have in our country. It was truly refreshing entering the pavillion, I could have stayed forever.

Later, I also visited the Museo Poldi Pezzoli (on my own), which had a fantastic jewellery collection, and the Museo Morando (gowns from the 18th century). The rest of the week I just explored the city on foot, wandering through the streets, doing some window shopping, soaking it all up: The atmosphere, the style, the architecture, the people… I even met Toto Wolff! I ran into him on the first day (in the Via Montenapoleone, no less), so that was kind of a good start and set the tone for the rest of the week.


architecture details


Austrian Pavillion

Chinese Pavillion

GB Pavillion




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