Still on vacation

evening shots

These pictures were taken a month ago! But don’t worry, soon my queue of finished projects is completed and there will be more recent things here on the blog. But until then, bear with me…

So, my sister (thank you!!) took these pictures during our vacation in Grundlsee. We had a bit of trouble finding the perfect location, so we just wandered through the village,  trying to find the right spot. It was getting dark pretty quickly, so we had to act fast! We ended up taking pictures at various places – an old barn, a lonely street and even the churchyard!

I made both the top and the skirt I’m wearing. The top is a wearable muslin for an upcoming La Sylphide dress by Papercut patterns. I used fabric remnants I had in my stash, which look surprisingly good together – I especially love fabric of the bow! The fit of the top/dress is actually pretty good, I think I’ll just shorten the bodice a bit once I make the actual garment – there are some wrinkles in the back. Also, I’ll probably take it in at the sides.

The skirt is a half-circle skirt made out of a very sheer, clingy knit in rusty red with white polka dots. I used it for doll projects in the past, because it is very thin and thickness is always an issue when working in such a small scale. But back to the skirt! I underlined it with a simple white cotton weave, which makes the dots look brighter and gives the skirt a nice structure. I’ve worn it countless many times already, I’m really pleased with it.

Oh, and something a bit unrelated, but I thought I’d let you know – I’m on Kollabora now! Basically, I’ll post my sewing projects there, maybe with some more in-between updates. You can find my profile here, my name is Liliana | Lassemista!

evening shots

around town

around town

evening shots

around town



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