Rusty Autumn

rusty autumn

Remeber this post (I hope so, I published it just last week!)? Well, here is the second jacket I made using the same pattern. This time it’s made out of a very loosely woven wool, which has a pretty woven diamond pattern all over it. It’s a fabric with really interesting colours, which, surprisingly, look really good together: A rusty orange, dark green, a reddish brown and some strange translucent threads, which add a bit of shine and sparkle to whole thing.

The only problem with this fabric: It frays like crazy. And the translucent threads like to snag everywhere, so I had to be extra careful handeling this fabric . Luckly, the pattern is really simple and straightforward,  with no difficult areas that might cause problems! Still, I left extra wide seam allowances in case it might unravel too much.

Beacuse the fabric is so loose, I was afraid that the whole jacket would be looking like a limp sack once it is finished and so I underlined the front and the back with a layer of cotton – not the sleeves, it would have added too much bulk. This makes it so much more comfortable now! It’s warmer and cozier and I absolutely love it! I lined the whole jacket with dark orange acetate lining, beacuse that was what I had on hand. I’m wearing it here with my rusty red half-circle skirt, which I showed you in a previous post. Again, thanks a lot to my sister, who took these pictures!

rust autumn

rusty autumn

rusty autumn

rusty autumn

rusty autumn

rusty autumn



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