Too good not to share

I have some very exciting new dolls for you today: The twins are making their comeback! Lilith and Eden are always very sought-after and their newest incarnation will be no different – especially because they are for W-Club member only (which is starting to get on my nerves… it seems to me that they are all just for members this year).

But back to the dolls, which are , in my opinion, simply fabulous. I love their edgy style, super sexy and powerful. Very Balmain-inspired! Eden’s coat is a favourite, and look at their shoes! The hairstyles are a bit unusal, but I actually like them. I feel all the excitement for IT coming back and can’t wait to see all the dolls from the Convention, which takes place next week!

‘Never Ordinary’ Lilith & Eden (raven&platinum)


never ordinary1

never ordinary2

never ordinary

All pictures are the property of Integrity Toys, Inc.!


3 thoughts on “Too good not to share

    • elentari95 says:

      Oh, I totally agree! And trying to get them (complete doll, nut just the doll without clothes and accessories) ‘second hand’ often doubles the price, which takes them out of my range.

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