Gucci Girl

gucci girl

When you read the title of this post, what are you thinking of? What kind of person are you envisioning? Someone sexy, sleek, glamorous and slightly mysterious maybe? Do you think of the typical Gucci-Girl Tom Ford ‘invented’ in the ninties and early 2000s and Frida Giannini continued to evoke with her collections later on?

Well, I’m thinking about a different type of person. About someone who ‘loves the illusion of vintage’, who travels around the globe and picks her favourite pieces on local markets, who does not hesitate to mix and match her whole wardrobe and wear a sheer lace top together with an embroidered leather jacket and a anke-length, high-waisted skirt. And she’ll probably wear glasses, a turban and a wide bow around her neck to complete the look. Alessandro Michele is the creator of this new character, this unconventional beauty who is not afraid to attract people’s attention with her eclectic style. And he won me over completely – I love Gucci’s new aesthetic.

So, about this dress. It is from Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing, the Sultry Sheat – with a round neckline and a gathered skirt. There is a lapped zipper in the back, in case you’re interested. I made the dress before, with a shorter skirt and a sweetheart neckline: You can see it here and here. This time, I used a cotton with a lovely, vintage-y flower print and a nice linen-like structure. And I decided to leave the hem longer, for a change. The bonus is that less fabric is wasted – otherwise I would have had another scrap and no real use for it.

The minute I put this dress on, I felt that it was really special. It’s the longer hem that makes all the difference. It adds so much to the whole look and I was immedediately reminded of the newest Gucci collection (which was the Resort 2016 – I made it during the summer holidays). The fabric, the length, the colour… I don’t know, Gucci just popped into my mind and it stayed there: I’ve worn this dress many times already, without a blouse underneath (this one is from my Grandmother, the glasses belong(ed) to my mother, btw), with high- and with low heels, dressed it up and down.. And it keeps reminding me of the new Gucci girl, this strange new creature that keeps doing her thing, without bothering what anyone thinks about her.

gucci girl

Gucci girl

gucci girl

And thanks again to my sister for taking the pictures… the indoor light was not our friend, I know, but you did your best :) (reminder: I need a new camera)


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