Time for an update!


So much handstitching went into this coat – sewing batting into the sleevehead’s seam allowance.

Fashionschool started over a month ago, starting with the 23rd I’ll be on autumn break for a week (time flies! Christmas is upon us :)) and I thought it was time for an update!

We have a couple of new subjects this year, like project- and qualitymanagement, but the curriculum is actually pretty similar to last year. We have less afternoon sessions (which is great), but a lot more hours in the atelier/workshop: Which makes sense, after all we have a whole collection to make! But before we start with that, our task was to make a coat, with pockets of some kind, set-in sleeves and, most importantly, a lapel. I went a bit overboard and decided to make princess-seams in both front and back, a two-piece sleeve, double welt pockets and to make the coat double breasted. Yeah, I know. Sounds like a lot, but the end result is actually very flattering and feminine and I’m super proud of it. I also finished it a week before our deadline, so that’s great, too. Can’t wait to show it to you!

perfect match

Undercollar perfectly joined with bodice front.

So, next up is sewing our graduate collection. We designed it over the summer holidays, tweaked it to ‘perfection’ (used very vaguely here) the whole of last month with our design teachers and are now ready to sew. I’m ordering fabrics right now, in the meantime I’m working on the patterns. My goal is to sew five complete outfits and I’m rather optimistic about completing them all. Maybe I can even add a sixth, but I doubt that: There are some easier pieces, but others which involve a lot of intricate embroidery and this will take up a lot of time.

I guess you’re curious about my designs now, but I won’t show you anything yet, sorry! I will only say that the collection is inspired by a fairytale where people turn into swans… Some keywords are: white, volume, feathered, breaking free, layers and ruffles. I will definitely give you some glimpses of the clothes as I start making them, but you’ll have to wait until… I guess March for the big reveal. There will be a presentation of the collections to the audience around the 10th of March, so that’s when everything will be public. But we also have to shoot a lookbook and everything and I’d really like to show you some professional photos of my collection here on the blog, so that could take longer.

Anyway, that’s what’s going on right now. Patiently waiting for fabric (I ordered more of one fabric in particular, going to use the leftovers (will be ca. 2 m) for personal projects), stroking my new coat, sewing a bit for myself (a two-piece set, skirt, starting a blouse..) and for my baby niece (I have two adorable nieces now, the newborn is beyond cute) and being excited about the Fashion Royalty Convention which takes place next week. Also, trying to survive this weather and stay well until the holidays come… I remember that last year I spent the time at home lying sick in bed, please not this time!!

I hope you have a nice weekend!


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