One in every size

bibs for the baby

I would say that I’m actually quite good at patterncutting. Especially when it comes to trying out new things and making stylistic changes to a basic sloper: Adding a dart here, lengthening the armhole, maybe changing the curve of the hem while I’m already cutting into the fabric… It always seems to work and I never had any major fitting issues with my freestyle way of working. But then again, I’m used to working in my size, I can estimate how things will fit and wether they will be too big or too small.

Making things for newborns is something entirely different, especially if you have neither a pattern as your base nor clothes that you can rub off. Or if you don’t really know how big newborns are, or their approximate measurements, like the circumference of their heads. I only knew how much my new baby niece weighed once I started with the bibs. I made the first one (the blue one) and was convinced that it was too small. But how wide is a baby’s neck? I totally overestimated it and made the two following bibs even bigger… I was also clever enough to not note any pattern details down, so I have no idea how big I really made them in the end.

But at least she has one in every size now! The smallest fits alright, the next ones will fit in a few months. Sewing-wise, they were pretty straightforward: I bought white terrycloth for the back and just sewed the pieces right sides together and then flipped them inside out and handstitched the opening shut. Really easy, and very fast to make. I highly recommed you try something similar if you need a present for a newborn. Just don’task me about the dimensions of my bibs!

terrycloth back

bibs out of remnants

bib party


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