It’s good to be back

This took longer than expected, but it looks like I’m going to be able to blog more frequenly again! I did miss it a lot, especially because I just returned from my summer-holiday-blogging-break and wanted to have only a week off at the end of October,  so that I could fully enjoy the time back home without worrying about (self-imposed) deadlines. The bad news: My laptop is sadly broken beyond repair, so I borrowed my brother’s mini-travel-laptop until I decide which new one I should get. Thankfully, I got all my pictures and documents and music and just everything out of the now empty shell, so I have access to everything and not a single file is missing – which was my big fear.

But there are posts coming up soon and because you had to wait such a long time, here’s a little preview:

  • The long overdue October review will be the first post up!
  • Schladming pictures (I was there for my Grandmother’s 96 birthday)
  • The Coat! It is finished and I’m so proud of it!
  • I sewed like crazy during the holidays, there are 3 new dresses in my closet… Pictures are coming your way soon.
  • Are you interested in trend-forecasts? It’s a big theme in college right now and I thought I might write a couple of posts about what they are, why they are there, how they can help – basically I find it super interesting right now and I’m feeling very inspired and I want to share that with you!
  • I’m also planning my winter-wardrobe already – this time more detailed posts about main inspiration, colours, sketching, fabrics and then the actual pieces – trying my hand at a capsule wardrobe: At least at coordinated garments, that fit my style and work well together, though I won’t wear those exclusively.

That’s just the beginning for now. More ideas are waiting to be fleshed out, I’m feeling quite ready to blog more again! It has been too long!


2 thoughts on “It’s good to be back

    • elentari95 says:

      That’s good to hear!
      I’ll see about the business… I’have so many plans for it but I’m not sure if they would actually work – still a lot of things to think about and it’s far from ready to being announced – maybe next spring? Who knows :)

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