While I was in Schladming for my Grandmother’s 96 birthday, I didn’t only celebrate with the family at her home, we also took a walk along the Talbach, into the Untertal. I’ve been there countless times already, as a small child petting animals at the farms, and later collecting wild berries and mushrooms and then also hiking up the mountains from the bottom of the valley. But can you believe that I never actually went there, but always took the bus to get to the valley? I didn’t even kow that there was a footpath until my mother suggested that we should take advantage of the weather and go for a walk.

You start in the centre of Schladming, pass the brewery and just follow the river, into the gorge. I loved the sound of the water, the torrent was sometimes so loud that you couldn’t hear your own words. The air was humid and full of fine water vapor, which covered our faces and clothes. Then the sun came out and created rainbows above the river. It was magical.

At the end of the gorge, when the Talbach relaxed a bit and turned into a harmless stream, we found an inn were we had lunch – sitting outside, enjoying the sunshine. There was fresh snow on the mountain tops, but the air was mild. It was actually really warm, I couldn’t believe that it was the end of October already! All in all, it was a wonderful day that I will surely remember for a long time.








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