Blue Collar

blue collar

Is it the fabric? Its colour or texture? Or the classic details, like the yoke in the back, shirtcollar and cuffs with a placket? Probably everything combined: All these factores together make me think of a blue collar uniform, something a girl working in factory in the last century might have worn.

It’s a classic shirtdress, using my bodice block as a base. I drafted collar and stand, placket, cuffs and the skirt, which is enormous. About 4 m wide! I tried to calculate the amount and width of the pleats, but messed up and ended up trying and measuring until I had an even number. That took a while, but I’m quite happy with the result. I think I might add a grosgrain ribbon or something as a waist stay, because the skirt is so heavy that it pulls the bodice down.

The fabric I used is a mystery blend suiting fabric – it’s not all synthetic, it’s definitely breathable, but the burn test revealed an amount of polyester or something similar. Also, it doesn’t wrinkle much, but presses well, so I guess there’s some cotton in there as well. It has a nice, uneven texture, which I love. The buttons are vintage and the ones on the collar stand and cuffs are actually different from the rest – same colour and material, only different shapes. They work together perfectly, though!

I’m really pleased with this dress. I love shirtdresses and over the holidays I stocked up on a few. A classic, menswear-inspired shirtdress has been on my list for a long time, so I’m glad that this one is finished. A final note on the pictures: I’ve been looking for places to photograph at my new place, but the days are getting shorter and the light keeps interfering with my plans. The staircase seemed like a good spot back then, but now I’m a bit disappointed with the outcome. They do represent the mood of the dress quite well, though: There is a moody, melancholic, slightly hopeless and sad quality to them…

blue collar

blue collar

blue collar

blue collar


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