Low Season

low season

Here is the second shirtdress I talked about earlier. First up, some technical details: Again, I used my bodice block as a base. It has four darts in the front (2 bust, 2 waist) and 4 in the back (2 shoulders, 2 waist). It has a full circle skirt and (obviously) long sleeves. Instead of a regular collar I made a little stand collar, which sits close to the neck and has two buttons in the front. I always have a hard time deciding on buttons, but I thought that these small mother-of-pearl buttons worked best on this busy print.

The fabric is a cotton flannel (which loves to cling) with a floral print: Dog roses and blueberries with a lot of autumnal-coloured leaves in between, all on a dark blue background. I love it, it has something about it that reminds me of the classic Liberty London prints. Or maybe even something Pre-Raphaelite, Arts and Crafts… I don’t know, but I think it works perfectly with this kind of dress!

I’m also happy to report that I did not catch a cold after taking these pictures at ~ 4°C. Do you recognize this place? It is in the Lobau, my favoutrite place to go swimming in summer. Now the ducks are only disturbed by the dogs – so many dog owners took advantage of the sunlight, it was really hard getting pictures without at least one canine in the background! :)

low season

low season

low season

low season

low season


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