A Wintery Sylphide

la sylphide

Don’t be fooled by the green leaves and the bare legs – I took these pictures this week, in December! But the weather is crazy at the moment, no one knows what it will come up with next: Fog? Or rain? Or maybe, just maybe a little snow?

Whatever the weather will be like, I know that I’m prepared for colder days in this wintery La Sylphide dress from Papercut Patterns. I would actually call this a vintage dress: The fabric is a beautiful grey wool I got from my Grandmother – it’s probably 20-30 years old, maybe even older? I have to ask her… And the buttons are from the ‘Fleapalace’ in Budapest, I bought them this summer. And I do think that the style of the dress is very vintage-inspired as well, with the cinched waist, circle skirt and pussy bow (which I prefer to leave untied).

I am really happy with the dress, but, as you can see, there are some fitting issues. Even though I made a muslin, where I changed a couple of things (mainly made the waist smaller), I didn’t think about how that would affect the rest of the garment. I started with size M, but sized down to S at the waist – my mistake, I should have clearly cut the whole dress in S. But I didn’t and now the darts are a bit too long and there are wrinkles in the back. But that’s alright, now I know that for my next Sylphide (there will definitely be a next one!) and it doesn’t bother me too much.

I think I’m going to print one of these photos now and sent it to my Grandmother. Let’s see what she has to say about it! :)

la sylphide

la sylphide

la sylphide

la sylphide


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