Winter Wardrobe: Colours & Fabrics

fabric pile

What comes first, the colour or the fabric? In my case, it was somehow both at the same time. I knew that I wanted something more versatile then the colourful prints that I tend to sew a lot with in summer: Blacks, greys and whites are actually my favourite colours (+ blue!) and I wanted to inccoporate them more into my wardrobe. Coincidentaly, my Grandmother gave me a bunch of old fabrics this summer, because she didn’t need them anymore: Mostly woolens with black and white patterns as well some beautiful grey cloth (out of which I made the La Sylphide).

winter colours

So black, grey and a bit of white are my main colours. There might be some dusty greens in there as well (I have two fabrics with that colour in my stash). I do want to add some sparkle to the whole thing, to brighten it up a little. After all, I will need somthing to wear for Christmas and New Year’s Eve and these are the perfect occasions to wear something a bit more special. I want to make a pleated skirt (?) out of  the copper lamé and I have a beautiful purple/green-turquoise jaquard in my stash as well (made its first appearance here) . This fabric has actually already been made into a shift dress, it just needs hemming. I’ll show it to you soon! Also, I’d like to find some tartan (either red or blue/green) and turn it into a fit-and-flare dress – I hope I’ll be lucky, but I don’t have much time for fabric shopping before Christmas, so maybe in the new year.

My grandmother’s fabrics were the starting point when it comes to weights and textures. Typical winter fabrics: Woolens with woven patterns, very classic and very pretty! I also have 6m of a beautiful, rather thin, light grey chequered shirting fabric, as well as a remnant of some thick houndstooth and I want to use them both in this capsule wardrobe. Also my grey Liberty Mitsi! I finally have to muster up the courage to cut into it! The plan is to use as many fabrics from my stash as possible. Here is what I have so far (maybe I won’t use all of these, or maybe different ones, I haven’t yet made a final decision):

From top to bottom (picture on top of the post):

  • copper lamé
  • violet/turquoise ‘aztec’ jaquard
  • grey-green herringbone, wool
  • printed cotton (with antlers! I love it)
  • grey Mitsi Liberty tana lawn
  • light green/grey Lodden Liberty tana lawn
  • light grey-green floral tulle lace
  • floral stretch velvet (with a very short nap)
  • black and white houndstooth, wool
  • white and light grey Glencheck, cool wool
  • white and black mille-points, wool (woven, not printed)
  • dark grey wool
  • black twill
  • light grey chequered shirting

That’s 14 fabrics… some (3) have already been turned into actual garments, I’m cutting the lace right now and I have plans for most of the rest. I probably won’t use the shirting too soon (it’s very thin and lightweight, not ideal for winter) and I don’t know what to make out of the mille-points and the glencheck – Not yet! I’ll give you a full list of the projects next week, with more detailed pictures of the fabrics and plans for patterns I want to use. Now back to sewing! Have a nice weekend!


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