12 Days of Christmas – Sewphotohop

Just like this summer, the lovely Rachel from House of Pinheiro started the fun instagram challenge #sewphotohop – 12 days of Christmas. There was a daily, mostly sewing-related theme and – daily sponsors! Yes, you could win prizes as well!

I never participated in any challenge before (only my personal, 365 photos challege last year), but I decided to change that… And I’m glad I did, it was so much fun! I also found a lot of new people through the tag, so that was great. I don’t know anything about the prizes yet, they will be drawn sometime later today. Exciting! I will keep you updated on my instagram.

Below are my 12 pictures + captions. Enjoy!


Day 1 – Me: I never participated in any challenge of any kind, but why not this time? This is me, in one of my latest makes, a wintery shirtdress with a full circle skirt. Currently I’m trying to fight off a cold (which I might have caught while taking these pictures).


Day 2 – Naughty or Nice: Decided to finish the raw seams of the shift dress I’m currently making with bias tape (very nice), but in the centre back, where the zipper is, I’m using the selvage and won’t finish the edges at all (naughty, but very practical!)


Day 3 – Grateful: I’m grateful for my Singer 706, which I got from Grandmother – she’s been with me from the very beginning (the machine!).


Day 4 – Memories: Remembering the first wearable garment I ever made: A full circle skirt with (selfmade!) piping, out of a crazy colourful Ikea fabric. I still wear it sometimes!


Day 5 – Shiny: My shiniest fabric is this beautiful, turquoise-gold, indonesian brocade I got from my sister. It’s very special, so I’m hesitant to cut into it.


Day 6 – Fun: Not sewing related, but making gingerbreadcookies today is a lot of fun – especially when you have funny cookie cutters (airplane anyone?)


Day 7 – Treat: Treated myself with this beautiful Dolce&Gabbana silk (with squirrels!) and made a skirt out of it. The quality of the fabric is amazing!


Day 8 – While I craft, I…: I’m either really focused on the project or (more often) I’m daydreaming about all kinds of things: future sewing projects, things I want to do during the holidays, places I want to visit or places I’ve been to in the past – like London this March.


Day 9+10 No Regrets+Handmade Gifts: I never regret giving handmade gifts a Christmas, it’s more work but much more rewarding! The most time-consuming present I ever made is this huge quilt for my parents – it was last years present, not sure if I can top that this year!


Day 11 – Wishlist: Liberty! Especially their classic prints, I love (and want!) them all :)


Day 12 – Favourite Things: Stacks of fabric! Especially when they are colour-coordinated


Day 13 (bonus) – Holiday Feelings: Being able to dress up is the best part of it all. What will I wear on Christmas Eve? Maybe my LifeBall dress? It sure looks festive with all the sequins and gold embroidery…


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