Fabric Pencil Case: Last-Minute Present

pencil case diy

I have a very easy gift idea for you today, which ticks all the boxes: It is fast to make, simple, pretty and practical. And there is a lot of room for customization! It is a fabric pencil case. I made the one you can see here for my niece and already filled it with coloured pencils. Two gifts in one! Here’s how you can make one yourself:

You’ll need:

  • two fabric rectangles, ca 32x21cm + seam allowances (the size is up to you, just make sure that it’s not too short and the pens aren’t sticking out).
  • 2x interfacing in the same size (optional)
  •  2,5cm wide elastic, 28cm long (again, you can make it longer/shorter)
  • 66cm ribbon
  • matching or contrasting thread

A note on the fabric: You might want to choose a darker colour for the insides, as it gets dirty rather quickly – you will definitely end up with coloured streakes from pushing the pencils through the elastic channels, so choose a colour that conceals these marks a bit. Also, the fabric should have a certain stiffness, but if not, that’s no problem – just use fusible interfacing to make it sturdier!

After interfacing the two fabrics, you’ll want to sew the elastic onto the inner fabric and to create the channels. To do that, mark the centre of the rectangle (simply fold it in half) and the place the elastic along that crease, onto the right side. Think about how many pencils you want to fit into the case and how thick they will be. I recommend making bigger and smaller channels (1,5cm and 1cm), so that you can use it for a variety of pens. Then just sew a few times across the elastic to secure it and continue to do so the entire length of it. And you’re already halfway through!

Fold the ribbon in half and place it onto the fabric, at the same hight of the elastic. The second fabric goes on top (right sides together), so that the ribbon is sandwiched in between the two layers. Sew around the edge, leaving a small gap open. Trim the seam allowances and clip the corners and turn it inside out. Make sure that the corners are sharp and give it a good press. If you want to, you can either close the gap with a few handstitches or topstitch the whole pencil case – just like I did.

And that’s it! You have new pencil case, ready to be filled!

pencil case diy

pencil case diy

pencil case diy


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