Every year, I introduce a new weekly feature for the blog. After skies, 365 pictures and sketches, it’s time for favourites! The concept is simple: Each week I will post a photo of something that stood out this week. I can be a movie a watched, an exhibition I visited, a book I read, something I ate,  bought or just simply something that caught my eye.

The first week had a few highlights (like New Year’s Eve), but something special happened just today: After wanting to go for ages, my younger sister finally made it to Vienna and we went to Flanagans for lunch – probably the best and most authentic Irish pub in Vienna. The whole furniture and all is actually taken from an old pub in Church-Town, which closed, and was reassembled here – everything is genuine. And the food was so good! We both ordered veggie burgers, which were delicious and huge – you get a lot for your money, quality- and quantity-wise. So here is a (rather crappy) smartphone-picture, taken right from my instagram.


This meal was definitely one of my favourites this week. I’m so excited about this new feature! I think it will really help me focus on the postives and look for (even the smalles) things that make me happy every day. You can never have enough of those!


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