Simple Lines, Special Fabric

shift dress

I love fabric – I don’t think that’s news to you and I think that all sewists share a certain love for textiles: Some might prefer prints to solids, but I think all cherish a good quality and can find the *perfect* piece of cloth for their next project. Sometimes the fabric is so pretty you simply can’t cut into it, being afraid that you ruin it or won’t do it justice (read this article and it won’t happen again) – the best solution to this is to showcase it and make it the star of your garment! All you need is a simple pattern, one with few seams, one that really shows off the fabric and lets it shine.

I had this interesting “aztec” turquoise-green/purple (peacock) fabric since last may. I was hesitant to cut into it – at first, I wanted to make a jacket, but then I changed my mind: I love this fabric and especially the geometric pattern and wanted to show it off as much as I could – without cuting it apart too much. So I decided to make a simple shift dress out of it!

It’s really basic, two darts in the front, 4 in the back (shoulders and fish-eye). The sleeves hit right below the elbow, the hem above the knee. It closes with an invisible zipper and the hems are all finished with a bias tape facing. I even got fancy and finished the raw edges on the inside with bias tape as well – it took longer than expected, but the result is worth it. I wore this dress on Christmas Eve and I’m very happy with it. Cutting into your special fabric is always the right decision!

shift dress

shift dress

shift dress

shift dress


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