Winter Wardrobe: Sewing Plans

And here is the last installment of my winter wardrobe plans: You can read about my inspiration here and my fabric and colour choices here. This time, let’s have a look at my actual plans – the gaments I want to sew!

All in all, there are 8 outfits: 4 dresses (always more than the rest), 2 skirts, 2 trousers and 3 tops as well as a jacket. I used my fashionary templates for planning, which are ideal for quick sketches.

Group 1: Here we have the La Sylphide, the Two-Piece and the Yoyo dress. The first two are already finished, the third is currently in the making. I will make it out of a sage green lace, underlined with light pink. It should be finished soon! (Not so winter-appropriate, but I plan to wear a long-sleeved top underneath.. maybe with a turtleneck?)

winter wardrobe plans

Group 2: First up, trousers! I want to make a pair of high waisted, skinny trousers, out of black twill. I drafted a pattern based on my measurements last year, but I think it will need some revisions. Then a classic shirt out of the Liberty “Mitsi” tana lawn: Menswear inspired, with cuffs and plackets and a proper shirt collar. Maybe even with a breast pocket. Then I plan to make a simple top out of the Liberty “Lodden” – all I want to do is show off the fabric, so it will be very simple and loose. I already cut the next one out: A Yoyo skirt out of salt-and-pepper wool. And the last thing is going to be a bit of an experiment: A 60ies shift dress out of the copper lamé, with a seam down the front to add interest. After seeing Legend, all I want to is wear little shift dresses, mini skirts and huge earrings. :)

wardrobe pland pt.2

Group 3: These are all my “maybes”. I know that I don’t really have enough fabric to make a jacket out of the tweed, same goes with the glencheck. And I’m not 100% sure if I really want to make high waisted shorts out of the houndstooth… I will focus on group2 and this one is really just a bonus group – I might just put the fabrics back into my stash and find suitable patterns for them some other time!

wardrobe plans pt.3

So here they are… I know, it’s already a bit late – I mean, it has just started to feel like winter around here (with snow and everything), but it’s already January! Well, my plan is: Finish these garments until March. Which gives me ca. 2 month to complete them all. I have already finished some, two are in the making and as I said, I’m not sure about all of them, so I might not even make them all. Additionally, many are really not just cold-weather clothes and can be worn the whole year round – so it doesn’t matter wether they will be finished a bit later.

But anyway. The point is – I will try to sew as many garments as I can before Easter (stupid deadlines aren’t helping, so this is just a guideline). I made some sewing-plans for 2016 (more about that in another post) and I think I really want to start working on those in spring, so it would be nice if a lot is finished by then. I also have some other things to sew, like a jacket for my mom (end of January, this is a real deadline, as it’s going to be her birthday present) and 1-2 blouses for my sister. And they will have priority… and never forget about college!

I will be busy, but I’ll keep you updated – you can check out my theFoldline account, I might post more frequent updates there!


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