I moved into my flat last October (4 months ago!), but I never felt really settled. There was just not enough room/storage for all my stuff (books and kitchen utensils, mainly) and it was freaking me out: I never found anything and the space looked so cluttered. I do have some built-in closets, but I want things like books and magazines on display and stuff for the college easily accessible. I knew that the solution were shelves, but I never found the time to pay Ikea a visit – until last monday. My dad was in town and together with my brother (who has a car), we bought some Billys and set them up.

The difference! Everything has its own space now, nothing lies on the floor anymore. It is not yet finished, I still need to rearrange some things. but it’s a good start! I also realized that I have a lot of room for more books and dvds now, it’s basically begging to be filled… I also want to add some plants onto the top of the shelves, I have my eye on these. And hang up some pictures – I just have to decide on a layout. My “Desolation of Smaug” poster is already up, it hides the ugly back of the larger shelf.

favourite - shelves

So my favourite thing this week was definitely making my surroundings cozier and cleaning my space up. Now that everything (inculding my desk) is clutter-free, I can solely focus on stuff for college: Don’t expect more than one post next week, I’m just super busy right now. But there is light at the end of the tunnel! :) After friday, things should calm down a bit….


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