After a super-stressful and kind of sad week, finally some time to rewind and relax! The semester is nearly over, only two more weeks – everyone tried to cram as much as possible into the last few days; tests, presentations, submissions and all that stuff. There’s one more accountancy test tomorrow and then that is it – unless I don’t  past all the other tests, but I’m optimistic. Also, I’m sorry, there was no real time to sit down and write a post, so just this one for this week!

The week’s highlight… I bought some vintage patterns! They’re from the 60ies, from Burda. I found them via willhaben.at (similar to ebay) and they were only 1€ a piece! So obviously I got all three…  I have yet to check wether they are complete or not – so far I’ve seen that one doesn’t have instructions. At first I was a bit concerned about the sizes – 42/44 is way to big for me! But a look at the sizing chart relieved me – the sizes are completely different to those we have now, my usual 38 is actually a 42 – go figure! My favourite is probably the shirtdress: I just love this classic style. The shift dress is cute as well, and I love that it has a jacket option! The third is a bit strange, with that pointy bodice, but I’ll definitely keep it for now.




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