Lately my days look like this: Getting up, going to college, coming home, taking a nap, reading a bit, watching a movie, sewing late into the night… they are quite close to perfection, if you ask me (maybe a little less school…. and I do wish I wasn’t so tired all the time – my sleep rhythm is out of control)!

But anyway. I finally found some time to relax and do nothing in particular. I started some (sewing-related) projects and one requires a bit of research – so I bought this wonderful book last friday: “The Costume History” by Auguste Racinet. It is from the mid 19th century and a great reference book. I got the small version (which still weighs at leat 1,5 kilos): the orignial, or the ‘big’ version are actually two volumes, with more plates. But I’m happy with the smaller version – I do own some other costume reference books, so I don’t need a huge, even more detailed one: This one is perfect.

The rest of the weekend will be spent sewing a jacket for my mother an finishing a dress for myself. And next week is already the last one beofre the holidays, I can’t wait!


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