graduate collection Liliana Schaber

My graduate fashion show is just 53 days away! (It’s on the same weekend as the Australian Grand Prix; thanks to Mercedes’ instagram account I know the exact numer of days, they count them down for me :))

So, as you can guess, it’s both very exciting and super terrifying… But I’m confident that I will finish all my outfits (5) in time – in fact, I plan to be finished 2 weeks earlier and so far it’s looking good! The reason why I want to have all my outfits completed so early is because I also need to shoot the lookbook and I want to do that outdoors. So I need a time frame that is big enough to cope with rain, bad light, and overall poor weather conditions. I want it to be as perfect as possible – and that’s why I also won’t take the pictures myself – I’ll be the art director/stylist of the whole thing instead.

I didn’t take the pictures you can see here either – my classmate, Valerie Steinmetz took them, so the credits go to her! We had to shoot one of our finished outfits/garments, as they might end up on some kind of poster… I don’t really know. But the pictures turned out great, so I thought I’ll give you a little sneak peek!

graduate collection Liliana Schaber


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