What’s coming next winter, Vol. II

I still owe you at least one more trend-forecast post! I thought now was a good time, before fashion week (month) starts and everyone gets excited about the new trends – I’m curious to see if some will become reality!

Today, I present to you the 4 trends from the magazine ‘Zoom into fashion trends’. I bought it at the Milano unica and I love flicking through it, it’s super inspiring.  As always, the words are my own, inspired by the texts in the magazine. Pictures are not mine, they where all found on pinterest – I do not claim any ownership and no copyright infringement was intended!

The first trend is called ‘Decorum’. This is about a new ‘decoration philosophy’. It is a mix of Art Nuveau and Art Deco: Shapes are rounded, organic and spherical, yet sometimes look like sheet metal. Faceted surfaces catch the light, it is also reflected or absorbed by either metallic or transparent materials. Despite all the embellishment, there is still some understated elegance. Embroidery, perforation and iridescent finishing on simple and geometric clothes. The fabrics are very rich, there are more solids than prints. They are folded, pleated, wrinkled and evoke the masters of old, like Fortuny.

The seconed one is ‘Spirited’. Meditation, inner peace, silence. The Slow movement, calmess and muted emotions – they will lead to purification and harmony. Concentration and focus and an absence of distractions. Minimalism is important, emptiness celebrated. There is hardly any decoration, accessories are extremely limited and take on an almost symbolic value. The clothes follow the lines of the body, they are fuss-free. The materials are all natural: cashmere, worsted wool, linen and gauze. Soft jersey hugs the body, comforts it. The colours are neutrals as well, either a broken white or a coal black, with some blush pink and dusty greys in between.

The next one is called ‘Corrupted’. It is about broken, changed and falsified nature. Broken through explosions, changed through toxic fumes, which give everything weird and unnatural colours. The vegetation is ultra-saturated, rivers are polluted and fluorescing. Landscapes seem unreal, wrong, extra-terrestrial. Almost post-apocalyptic, very confused and disorted. That translates into fashion with vivid colours, dissolving prints and artificial finishes, giving cloth a plastic feel. Hot pink, bright orange and poisonous green are toned down with soft greys and beige tones.

The last trend is ‘Summer Break’. Think summer destination during the winter: Abandoned water slides, beach huts, playgrounds. Everything is still brand new, the plastic is multi-coloured and vivid. They are all waiting for summer to return: Swimming pools, sports fields, amusement parks. Perfectly kept, in chilly, foggy weather. The atmosphere is eerie, everything looks strangely out of place and time. Soft, muted tones such as sand and snow are combined with bold blue and red, yellow and orange. The lines are simple, reminiscing sportswear, with striped details: Ropes reference the marine style further. The fabrics are typical winter woolens and  statement furs, mixed with technical and plastic surfaces.

Even though these posts take a lot of time to write, I do love them. I think there’ll be maybe one more in the future, but I’m not yet sure about that. We’ll see!


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