Week 5 already! It was my semester break, so I would say that the whole week was somehow a very good one. I did a lot of hanging around, lounging, relaxing – you know, nothing really. But I also did some sewing – I finished some skirts that I began a long time ago, I made another Papercut La Sylphide (this time with a different neckline and no bow – I’m very happy with how this turned out), finished the jacket for my mother and started with a pair of trousers I needed to make for the collection.

Oh, don’t remind me. As always, I should have done much mor for college as I did, but I need to unwind at some point, don’t I? February is going to be really stressful anyway, with quite a few deadlines and so I thought I should start this month slowly. This week is supposed to be a break and I don’t feel too guilty about taking it quite literally (not yet).

semster break

This picture really sums it all up: Nice weather (at times), nice clothes, and a fresh and clean flat (did some more decluttering this week and it feels so good! I think my fabric stash should be next….). Hope you had a good week as well!


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