Venice on my Mind


I’m so ready to travel again. You know, just pack my bags and leave. Especially lately I felt a lot like this – probably because I can’t leave Vienna any time soon: the show/performance is coming closer and closer and the garments need to be finished. Isn’t it always like that? When we have a lot of time, we like to take it slow. Just stay at home for a while. Relax and do nothing. But once life gets more stressful, we want to get away from it all, forget our normal routines for a while – and go somewhere different, do something else, have an adventure.

I don’t even want to go far, I don’t want to book a flight. Just hop on a train and go to – Italy. I absolutely love this country. And while there are so many cities and towns I want to visit, Venice is on top of my list right now. I’ve been there before, but lately, I just can’t get it out of my mind. This magical city is calling my name again and it is so hard to resist. I would love to go right now – the Carnival madness is over, it’s quiet now before the new season begins. I wouldn’t mind the chilly weather or the cold winds – I’ve seen Venice during a hot and golden summer, but I think it’s especailly intriguing during a frosty, foggy and grey winter. I wish I could see the canals, bridges, piazzas and churches with my own eyes, smell the salty air, hear the gurgling water – but I think that will have to wait for a while. Until then I fill my (day-) dreams with it!

What city is on top of your travel-list? I’d love to hear!


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