The Best is Yet to Come

graduate collection

I’m sure you noticed it – there’s been a lack of posts recently. I often felt as if I had lost all my motivation and couldn’t come up with any content worth sharing. But the end is in sight! I’m feeling super inspired again and I can’t wait for next week – I have to hand in a crucial paper and then there is the ‘qualification exam’ for next year:  I obviously very much hope I’ll get accepted and can complete the full education and get my special degree (this year is just a diploma, next year would be a master’s certificate), but preparing for this (and finishing the paper) took up all my time and left me tired and annoyed. But this phase is over soon!

There are some exciting things happening around here already – for one, I will test a pattern! Can’t wait to start with this one…. Then there is a small fabric fair next week as well, and I’m really looking forward to it. Will try to take many pictures and report back! Talking about fabric – I applied for a job at my favourite fabric store here in Vienna (basically, THE fabric store), but I don’t know anything yet. I have a good feeling, though. I also finished a couple of garments recently and I can’t wait for the weather to get better to finally photograph them. I also have a few ideas for interesting shoots and photography experimentations, I hope I can try some of them in the next weeks.

So, as I said, better times are coming soon and I can’t wait to get back to posting something interesting again!


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