Signs of Spring

signs of spring

I think spring is my favourite season – the days are getting longer and warmer and nature wakes up again after a long winter’s sleep. Don’t you always wait for the first snowdrops to appear each year? The cowslips come first and let’s not forget about the liverworts! I used to pick them as a kid, the would last for a few days in a vase and made me so happy – I still love their colour.

I somehow missed spring last year – I just moved to a new place again, very urban, with little green spots. Now I’m much closer to some parks and have a view over the neighbours’ gardens; I get to fully experience the change of seasons now (which is awesome). I recently went to the Sternwartepark again and found the first signs of spring there as well: Some trees were already starting to bud, a couple were even blooming. I expected more flowers  (what about crocuses?), but then again, there isn’t much open space – it’s much more likely to find them in the gardens. But I’ll make sure to return next week or so, to see if more grew – they are coming thick and fast now!

signs of spring

signs of spring

signs of spring


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