Grey in Grey

yoyo skirt

Even though spring is just around the corner, I have not forgotten about my winter wardrobe! In fact, I finished some of the pieces already and here is one of them: Papercut‘s Yoyo skirt. It is high-waisted, with pleats in the front and darts in the back. A seperating zipper down the front acts as a closure/opening and it has a very cool angled hem.

I made mine out of a fine wool I got from my Grandmother this summer. I really like the colour, it’s actually not grey, but white and black, with tiny checks. Perfectly suitable for this kind of skirt, but maybe the metal zipper is a bit to heavy for it, or I should have interfaced it better – there are some waves. Otherwise, it was very easy to make, I think I made no alterations at all, it fit perfectly straight out of the printer (always buying pdf :)). I’ll definitely make more in the future, in some lighter, summery fabrics. They do need to have a certain structure though, so I think crisp cottons would work really well. Expect to see more of this pattern! (A dress version is half assembled as well – I would say ‘already’, if I hadn’t started it over a month ago…)

yoyo skirt

yoyo skirt

yoyo skirt



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