I’m back home for Easter and even though the weather is terrible, I’m enjoying some relaxed days in the city, revisiting all of my favourite places. I hardly ever take pictures of this gorgeous city, time to change that! Salzburg always looks good, it doesn’t matter if it’s raining or the sun shines… It could be just a bit warmer though, but there’s fresh snow on the surrounding mountains, so I guess we’ll have to stick with the cold for a while.

I’m splitting this post into two – today I have pictures of the best/most beautiful market in Salzburg for you, the Schrannenmarkt. It’s every Thursday, opposite to Schloss Mirabell. There’s a mix of vegetables, fruit, meat, a bit of fish, bread and lots of flowers. Most stalls only offer local/seasonal produce (a few are organic as well), but there are some who also buy food from external suppliers and just resell it. All in all, very diverse, very delicious and also very pretty to look at: All the colours, textures, patterns – you can find endless inspiration there.







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