Once in a Lifetime


The presentation of my graduate collection “Sylvani”… Where to start?

I presented my collection on the 18th of March – not on a traditional runway, but as a Tableau Vivant – a living picture. A living room, with two huge, old armchairs. The models would wander through the crowd, captured in their own imagination, taking no notice of the people around them. They would then arrange themselves on and arround the chairs, freezing for a moment – a polaroid picture would be taken. They would then change their positions a couple of times until they would slowly disappear again – only to return half an hour later, and everything would start again.

That was the theory. The reality looked a bit different – nothing is ever perfect, least of all improvisation. But that’s alright, that is part of the whole idea. In retrospect, I would have changed a couple of things, but all in all, it was – awesome. The whole atmosphere was just so special. The idea to present the collections (ca. 20 of the 57) as an exhibition was the best we ever had: The event had an intimate, informal character. You could see the creations up close, you could almost touch them. You could talk about the clothes, come back to the different installations again and again. There was no rush, you could take your time to take it all in. I think we kind of baffled the audience, they were taken by surprise: It was certainly not what they expected.

The only thing that I found a bit sad was that there was no real appreciation of the designers, if you know what I mean – there was no defilee with the designers (obviously) and no applause, only at the very end…. But honestly, I kind of dread being at the centre of attention anyway, I want to let my clothes speak for themselves. It’s not important who made them, what matters is how they look like and the way they are presented. Oh, the clothes! I have a professional shooting planned for May and I decided that once I’ll get the pictures, I’ll talk more about the collection and the inspiration behind it, etc…. So you’ll have to wait for that part a bit longer!

Sylvani© Felix Vratny Photography

I thought it would be easier to let some time pass before I wrote this post… My wallet was stolen that day (ca. 140€ damage in total) and I had a complete breakdown the next day (the day of the fashion show) and had to get home, away from everything. I just couldn’t cope with all that happened that weekend and I wasn’t ready to write about it (not very good feelings about everything for a variety of reasons – that wouldn’t have made for a good post!). But now, more than two weeks later, I do regret this choice – so many of these first, raw emotions are already forgotten, what is left is a strange feeling and a couple of pictures. But don’t get me wrong: I am grateful for this experience. It was a once-in-a-lifetime thing (I guess – you never know, right?) and very special.

sylvani                                  © Felix Vratny Photography

Btw, one of the models was my younger sister – she wore my masterpiece, the embroidered jacket – obviously :) So proud of her! She also modeled for others the next day, at the runway show. To see pictures of that (and more from the Tableau Vivant as well), go to Modekollektivraum16 on facebook.

sylvani© Maingarde


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