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anything that catches my eye – beautiful things

I was going to call this post “Pinterest Addict”, but then I changed my mind. Truth is, I’m spending way too much time on pinterest lately, curating my boards, adding new ones, obsessing about colour schemes, moods, atmosphere and an overall look of all the pins. Probably (definitely) overthinking it, but it’s just so much fun! Oh, I just love finding new images that fit perfectly into a certain board, I could just scroll forever and ever and ever.

I split some of my older boards, added some wardrobe inspiration, a couple interior/exterior, more plants/nature, print ideas, food… the list goes on and on. I think it’s fun to see that some of my boards are really dark and moody and others are lightweight and refreshing: I obviously love both and I’m glad I don’t have to decide. I do think that now, after (2?) years of pinning, there is a certain thread running through all my boards, I have definitely found my aesthetic and find the right images. If you scroll back on some of the older boards (like womenswear) you can see how at the beginning, I just posted literally anything. Later on, everything got more streamlined and ‘fits’ better. Some pins might look a bit random, but there is certain overall theme and if you continue scrolling, you’ll notice recurring shapes, colours, silhouettes, etc.

I’m mainly using pinterest just to gather inspiration and create moodboards – I used to save all the images I randomly found on the internet on my computer, organizing them in files, but it somehow wasn’t very satisfying and efficient. Problem is solved now and even though I occasionally still save pictures, I wouldn’t want to go back to my old system/mess.

I’m also planning a couple of themed photoshoots with my sister this summer and so far it’s been a great tool to exchange inspiration: A secret shared board is so helpful, because we can show each other exactly what we mean and comment on what the other person pinned. Describing visual ideas is always difficult (especially when you discuss them over the phone because you don’t live in the same city), so this is an easy way to make sure you’re talking about the same thing.

So, there you have it. A love letter to my favourite website :) Not sure if this post is overly interesting to many of you, but I’m just obsessed and I thought I might as well share that with you. Below are excerpts of some of my boards, if you are curious, you can check out the rest of them here and follow me!

pinterest - nature


pinterest - spring wardrobe

pinterest - winter

summer/winter wardrobe inspiration

pinterest - print


pinterest - pattern clashing

pinterest - less is more

maximalist/minimalist interior

pinterest - plant life

plants forever


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