bedazzled sweater

I had some thick black jersey left over from a school project and I wanted to make a simple, oversized sweater out of it. There wasn’t enough fabric to make it as baggy and oversized as I wanted it and it ended up being anything but simple…

bedazzled sweater

The pattern is super simple: four rectangles. The sleeves are tapered at the wrists and the shoulders are slightly angled and elongated – the sleeves start approx. 10cm below the shoulder. There is no shaping in this sweater whatsoever – the sideseams are straight and there are no darts. I thought that it looked a bit boring like this, with its plain boat neck and slightly unflattering fit (right between thight and loose/baggy) and so I added some crochet/lace details. How are these little appliqués called? There are three different types of flowers and some mini pompoms as well. Looks a bit like winter to me, but the days are still chilly in the morning, so I guess I’ll still get some wear out of it this season.

bedazzled sweater

Oh, and those awesome mirrorball leggings? I wish I could say I made them as well, but they are actually from H&M – not from their regular collections, though, but from the Maison Martin Margiela collaboration in 2012. I loved this one! I bought 2 pairs of shoes, painted trousers and a thick sweater as well and my mother got some really cool jackets and accessoires – that was a good one..

bedazzled sweater


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