Framed Fabric DIY

framed fabric diy

I bought some beautiful Liberty Tana Lawn when I was in London last year and I didn’t want to waste any of it – not even the smallest scraps! These are holy-grail-fabrics for me and I could look at them all the time, like some crazy fabric-obsessed person that I am :)

I decided to make use of the leftovers (blouses, a skirt and a part of a dress where made out of Strawberry Thief and Lodden so far – you’ll see them soon) and frame them. Perfect solution and so easy to make! I’ll show you how you can frame your own favourite fabric below:

Let’s gather our supplies first. You’ll need:

  • frame (mine is a vintage oval one)
  • fabric
  • cardboard (I recycled the back of an old notebook)
  • pencil
  • scissors (+ fabric shears, but just paper scissors work well too)
  • glue stick
  • washi tape
  • ruler (optional)

framed fabric diy

Step 1: Put your frame on top of the cardboard and trace around the opening/window. Next, add at least 1cm around the shape you just traced – otherwise the cardboard won’t sit properly ‘inside’ the frame and will fall out. (Excuse the ugly back of my frame, I have no idea what was in it before)

framed fabric diy

Step 2: Cut it out!

framed fabric diy

Step 3: Test the size – you might need to trim the cardboard a bit: It should fit snuggly, without warping or bending.

framed fabric diy

Step 4: Time to think about pattern placement. My frame is quite small, so I can only showcase a section of the whole pattern. Once you have made your choice, use the cardboard as a template and put in onto the wrong side of your fabrc. Trace around it. Again, add a 1cm allowance! Cut the fabric out.

framed fabric diy

Step 5: Clip the edges of the fabric. This will help when glueing the fabric on – it will look much smoother. If you have a rectangular frame, only clip the corners.

frmaed fabric diy

Step 6: Apply glue onto the edge of the cardbord (Only on the wrong side – there shouldn’t be any glue on the right side, as it could cause wrinkles in the fabric.). Then pull your fabric over the edge and press it down into the glue. Make sure it’s smooth and tight – but not so thight that you distort the cardboard! There might be some folds where the fabric overlaps, but that’s ok :) Once you’re finished, let the glue dry completely before you move on to the next (and last!) step.

framed fabric diy

Step 7: Secure the cardboard into the frame. Yours might come with small nails or clips, but mine doesn’t have that: I’m keeping it in the right place with some washi tape (advantage – it can be pulled off easily in case I might want to replace the farbic).

framed fabric diy

And that’s it! So simple and quick. Now make many more :)

framed fabric diy


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