May Challenges

May is upon us and that means two challenges for me this year!


First up, Me-Made-May-2016. I participated last year, but I will step up my game this year: Instead of wearing two handmade garments each week, I pledge to wear at least four. The garments must be in seperate outfits, wearing four in one will count as one! Repeats are ok, though. It should be a challenge, but not impossible to master :) I might post an update in the second week or participate through instagram as well – I’m not yet sure. I will post a roundup with all the pictures and outfit details at the beginning of June, and tell you how it went.

a sketch a day challenge

The second challenge I set myself is to draw more. Remember when last year, I posted a sketch a week? I kind of lost interest in drawing, because it suddenly felt  like a burden, something I needed to do – the lightness and spontaneity were gone and I ended up posting mostly older sketches, as I hardly produced any new ones. But the urge to draw is coming back and so I’m starting this little challenge tomorrow: A sketch a day, throughout May 2016. I’m so excited about this one! I already organized all my painting supplies and secretly ordered my dream watercolour set… shhh! It’s the Kuretake Gansai Tambi 36 colours set. It won’t arrive until the 12th of May (or maybe even 1st of June), but I literally can’t wait. Ahhh, the wait is killing me already :). I also have my eyes on the aqua brushes from Pentel, but I’ll probably buy them locally, as the prize is the same (the watercolours were a lot cheaper online, even with shipping included!).

So I guess you can tell I’m excited about this challenge! I don’t know how/if I’ll show you the results (trying to eliminate all the pressure), maybe a few on instagram as well? I’ll see!


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