Frost Saints


Do you know who the Frost Saints are? Do you even call them like that in english? I’m talking about the last cold days in May, after it has already been warm, but before summer starts – the black-thorn winter. They are usually around Pentecost and are much hated by everyone: I do love their crazy names though: Mamertus, Pankratius, Servatius, Bonifatius, and, especially, Cold Sophie. I think they are somewhat inspiring… hmmm, gives me ideas! But enough with the folklore, the reason why I’m talking about them now is because I have one last winter dress to show you, which I wore quite a lot recently – before it’s going to be too hot and I’ll have to put it away for this season.

The dress is another La Sylphide! This time in the right size, but without the tie. I really liked the neckline on the pattern and wanted to see how it looked like without the tie: Whether it would gape or look strange or be too low. But I can assure you, it looks lovely – I might even prefer it like that! To finish the neckline I made a simple facing and under- and topstitched it, to make absolutely sure it wouldn’t peek out. I had alreday cut the tie before I decided to leave it off, but thought it might work as a belt as well – which it does! The fabric is a beautiful cool wool with a subtle herringbone pattern, which gives it a striped effect. The colour doesn’t really come across in these pictures, but it’s a mix of dark grey, chocolate and dark teal – very pretty.

This certainly was not the last version of this pattern – I just love it too much! Now that I’ve pretty much nailed the fit (there is always room for improvement), I can’t wait to make a summer-version and another one and another one… :)

La Sylphide - Papercut

La Sylphide - papercut

La Sylphide - Papercut

La Sylphide - Papercut


2 thoughts on “Frost Saints

  1. kalimak says:

    Hello, Liliana! This is such a stunning dress! I’ve been following your makes on Kollabora and am glad I finally visited your blog :-)

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