If you have been to a couple of bigger european cities, you’ll definitely notice a pattern: There is always a part of the city with buildings dating back to 1850-1900. It was the time when the population grew rapidly, when cities expanded and there was the need for more residential buildings. The Ringstraße in Vienna is a good example, the glacis was transformed into a boulevard with the opera house, theaters, museums, the townhall, etc. In other cities, like in Graz, there was a focus on homes, not on representative buildings. Nevertheless, they gave the city a typical ‘european’ look and are just really beautiful!

My grandmother lives in Geidorf, one of the histoicism quarters, and as I visited her, I had plenty of time to wander around and take pictures of my favourite facades. Don’t you just love the colours? Many are being renovated now, the flats are divided, there are lifts on the back (most buildings have four or more floors). I do hope that they keep the high ceilings and double-winged doors, it would be a shame to loose these unique features! They always make me feel like I’ve stepped into the past. And low ceilings are generally just the worst thing ever.







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