A Lesson Learned


I actually wanted to shoot the lookbook for my collection today. I had the models. I had the photographer. I had the clothes (obviously). I had the location, I had the vision – I knew exactly what I wanted. Everything was perfect – except for one thing: The light. The weatherforecast was good: warm, sunny, maybe thunderstorms in the evening, but more in the west of the country (we’re in the east). There weren’t any storms, there was the sun – but also haze. And lots of it. It completely diffused the light of the sun, it was terrible. You can have the best equipment, but if the light is bad, you can’t do anything. And it wasn’t even dusky in a good way, it was just blurred and grey-ish and everything looked brown and washed out.

So, a lesson learned today: You can’t predict the weather. And if the light’s not right, forget it. It’s not worth the time and energy, the pictures just won’t turn out the way you want them. It’s definitely true, the pictures here on this blog are often far from being perfectly lit. But the lookbook should be as professional as possible, even if that means that we are postponing the shoot to some day in the future – maybe in a month? Probably a different location, hopefully with the same models.

It just wasn’t right this time. Even if everything else is perfect, if one thing is completely wrong, it won’t work. It just won’t look good, it’s not going to be how I envisioned it. Another lesson learned and something to remember for the future.



2 thoughts on “A Lesson Learned

  1. Sasha says:

    You have no idea how many times this happened to me! Glad your school allows you to postpone presentations – mine is (was) horrible from thais point of view … maybe that’s why I chose to focus on research 😂

    • elentari95 says:

      It’s kind of half for school and half for myself – that’s why they are so tolerant! Tried to do something not in the last minute this time, but no success :)

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