A New Colour

yoyo dress

I’m not sure if nude or light pink is a colour that actually suits me. I admit, it’s all over my spring wardrobe board on pinterest, but I think I’m just too pale for it now. With a tan, it’ll probably look better, but the colour is just too close to my skintone for now. But the summer has just started, so I still have lots of time to work on my tan!

Anyway, the dress! It’s Papercut’s Yoyo dress, made out of sage green lace, underlined with a thin, nude-pink cotton. It’s quite sheer, so I lined it was well. The zipper is dark green – I originally thought it might bring out the green lace a bit more, but I’m not sure anymore – maybe it’s a bit too dark? It does break up all the pink, so I guess it was the right choice!

The dress fits pretty well, next time I’ll lower the bust dart, though – it sits way too high for me (I didn’t make a muslin, as always, so I have to live with it – truly my mistake!) I think I made a size S and only took 1 cm in at the top of the sideseams – there was a lot of room underneath the armholes. I’m not sure anymore, though, because I cut this out last December! I don’t think any other projact took me so long to complete. I just got distracted with other things all the time and it’s a summer dress anyway: I didn’t need it in the middle of the winter, so I constantly put it aside. But it’s finished now! I actually wore it to my niece’s baptism at the beginning of May and have worn it a couple of times since then. I’m not sure if it’s my favourite make (due to colour), but I love the shape and the details, so I’m pretty sure I’ll make another one in the future. Probably in navy or black :)

yoyo dress

yoyo dress

yoyo dress


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