This May, I…


  • attended my niece’s baptism (sounds very formal, but I’m just not a ‘church person’)
  • finished some of my final exams, the last part will be at the end of June
  • received the wonderful Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolours
  • spent a long weekend in Graz at my Grandmothers’
  • had the best (vegan!) burger of my life so far
  • saw a badger in a park at night (I was nicking flowers, ähem.)
  • planned my summer wardrobe
  • bought tickets for a trip to the south-west of France (end of July)
  • spent a lovely afternoon hiking/exploring/getting lost in the Wienerwald
  • went to cinema to see X-Men: Apocalypse (parts of it were really, really good I think)

in bloom


sunday hike




wax print


2 thoughts on “May

  1. megsewing says:

    I am literally salivating over that fabric and those watercolours, lovely! All these pictures look gorgeous. Sounds like a brilliant week :)

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