Me-Made-May ’16 recap

May is over, so it’s time for a look back at one of my challenges: Me-Made-May. I pledged to wear something handmade at least four times a week. I planned to post this sooner, but life got in the way, and this turned out a little different than I originally wanted. There are no photos this time, but I simply did not have any time (or motivation) to take some. Anyway, here we go:

The first week was a bit difficult. The weather was really cold, I even wore my winter coat! (which I counted as well, obviously :)). I also was busy studying for my exams and stayed mostly at home – and I don’t own a lot of really comfortable lounging clothes (yet), so I just barely manged to fulfil my first week.

The second one was a lot better: I started the first three days with handmade outfits right away and that pushed me to continue with the same enthusiasm. I also finished a few garments, so I had a lot of fun styling those.

The third week was my best week! I wore handmade 6 times a week and tried a lot of new outfits and combinations. I wrote all my  combinations down in a little notebook (I’m not a fan of selfies) and I’m sure I will refer back to it and wear some things exactly the way I did that week.

The last week was a week of repeats. Which I don’t mind at all, I always wear my clothes several times before washing them (except for underwear and t-shirts). My Blue Collar dress was the most worn garment, by the way. I also wore my oldest me-made garment twice (an Ikea-fabric circle skirt, never blogged about it so far), as well as some brand new ones, which came right off the sewing machine. I also realized that I have far more handmade garments than I thought, the ones that made it on the blog represent only roughly two thirds  of the whole lot.

The lessons to be learned? I need more basics! (As if that was news to me). And I don’t even mean jeans and t-shirts: Basic tops, simple skirts, easy to mix and match. I believe that the key to this lies in a consistent colour palette. I’m currently planning/making my summer wardrobe and so far, the fabrics all work together really nicely. Navy, blue-greys, whites, a bit of lilac… Very pretty :). I do really need more jeans though. Ginger, I think I’m finally ready for you!


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