Test Version

test trousers

A test version of a new pattern, right of the drawing board, is never perfect. It’s not as ugly as a muslin, but there are (often) many flaws and little things that are going to be changed for the final version. No, I’m not releasing a pattern! This is the test version of a pair of trousers I had to make for my exams. I’ll show you the final piece soon… It’s quite different!

Mainly, the fit is a lot better. I wanted skinnies, but the fabric we got had nearly zero percent stretch. So I had to make the pattern quite a bit bigger, more like trousers, less like jeans. This fabric has a lot of stretch, though. It’s a stretchy denim, which has a slight sheen and a nice weight. I mainly love the colour – deep, dark blue. Sadly, it’s completely overdyed, so it bleeds a lot. I don’t really know why I used it for this pair…It’s not really suited for the style I was going for – it is suited for what I originally wanted, but due to the other fabric I had to change my direction, but still used this fabric for the test. Do I still make sense here? What I’m trying to say is that you should always use similar fabrics for your test- and final versions. It’s kind of stupid to work with a completely different material with different qualities for you test version, because that means that you can’t spot fitting errors, etc… But that’s the whole point of a test!

Anyway, I think that this pair is definitely wearable. The fit changes quite a lot during the day – comfortably tight after a wash, almost-falling-off after two/three wears. I don’t have this problem on the final version (obviously), and I did change a few other things. The fit is a lot better, the buttons are smaller, the waistband sits right in the waist and is nice and snug… You’ll see them next! I have not yet photographed the whole outfit, because I have to find the right location for it, but the trousers will be up next.

test trousers

test trousers back

test trousers

I do like that they look quite nautical, with their gold buttons. Those are real slits with classic shirt-sleeve-plackets at the legs, btw.  And the pockets are nice and deep and I think they would have looked better with back pockets. I probably wore the wrong underwear for the shoot (and they had just been washed, so they were nicely tight.) And then it started to rain. The End :)

And in case you’re interested – Outfit Details!
T-shirt: Pull&Bear (gift from my sister, the sweetest print ever)
Trousers: Me-Made
Espadrilles: Melo Verde
Neckerchief: Vintage


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