DIY Shrug Tutorial

I have a very simple tutorial for a shrug today – with a little twist! It’s in 1:6, with Edie as my model. The big bonus when making samples on such a small scale: If you mess up, you don’t waste too much fabric. And I also had a lot of fun getting one of the dolls out again and playing a bit! But don’t worry, you can still make this shrug for yourself, in the right scale, I’ll explain everything below.

shrug - Lassmista

Here is what you’ll need:

shrug tutorial -- lassemista

  • fabric
  • measuring tape
  • thread
  • pins
  • fabric shears
  • thread scissors (optional)
    About the fabric: I used a lightweight jersey, because when working on a small scale, using light fabric is key. I recommend knits, you could use anything from drapey jerseys to more stuctured or heavy doubleknits. Keep in mind that it will affect the look of the shrug, it’s going to be more flowy/stiff depending on your choice.

shrug tutorial - lassemista

Next, time to take some measurements. First, the width. Measure the distance from the mid of your forearm, all the way across to your other arm. Add 1 cm on each side as seam allowance. The total width is 17+1cm in this case (I only used 0,5 cm seam allowance, becausew everything is so tiny already).

shrug tutorial - lassemista

For the length of the rectangle, I measured from Edie’s shoulder down to her hips and then doubled that number (9×2=18). I did not add seam allowances, because I’m lazy and the fabric doesn’t unravel: I’m leaving both armholes and hem unfinished.

shrug tutorial - lassemista

Next, fold the rectangle right sides together and sew the sideseams. Leave an opening (ca. 15cm) at the top, where the fold is. These are going to be the armholes. If desired, finish them by turning them under twice and topstitiching, or using bias tape… it’s up to you!

shrug tutorial - lassemista

Turn everything inside out, press the seams and finish the hem. And that was it! So easy!

shrug - Lassemista

shrug - Lassemista

shrug - Lassemista


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