Final Version

finally trousers

I have pictures of the final version of the trousers for you today. Same pattern, different look… it’s all because of the fabric! Oh, that fabric. The colour takes getting used to, I don’t think I own anything else that bright. Still, I’m quite pleased with them, my favourite thing is definitely the buttoned fly. I thought about concealing the buttons, but now I’m glad I didn’t – I think they really add something to the whole look. And the buttonholes were made on an industrial machine, so they are really pretty and even and perfect :)

The top is selfmade as well. I used one of my precious Liberty fabrics (Lodden) and made a boxy, oversized top with drop shoulders and short sleeves. It’s loose, light, airy and therefore perfect for summer. It looks better not tucked in, but I think it works in combination with these trousers.

Detail shots of everything will come once I get a chance to also photograph the corresponding top. These are really just 5min photos, if you know what I mean – but I really wanted to show you the final version, after you’ve seen the test version last week. The fit (and construction) is much better on these, especially from waist to hip. It’s a bit loose on the thighs, but there is zero stretch and I need that room, otherwise I can’t even sit down properly. Overall, I’m quite happy with them (and got an A), but I I do wear the jeans version more often. They are less loud and easier to combine with tops and jackets .

finally trousers

finally trousers

finally trousers


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